Rainbow Six Siege 1.2 Update Patch Notes

all images and data from: https://steamcommunity.com/games/359550/announcements/detail/1660016911661756916

Balance changes:


-Outline will only appear for the term of player movement

-Scan charges decreased from 3 to 2

-Cooldown between scans enlarged to 20 seconds


-Magpie doesn’t destroy Hibana’s X-KAIROS pellets anymore


-Shield flash range has been reduced to 5 meters

-Shield flash charges decreased from 5 to 4


– Electronic rendering cloak will end its charge in 12 seconds, dropping from 30 seconds

– Electronic rendering cloak will refresh in 6 seconds, dropping from 12 seconds


– Claymore recouped with breach charge


– Smoke grenades recouped with claymore

LMG (Light Machine Gun) Damage:


Bug Fixes:

Fixed – Players are able to exploit hip fire accuracy by performing a series of actions

Fixed – Weapon turns invisible if a player throws their drone and it is destroyed instantly

Fixed – Defenders can remain stuck after deploying a gadget if using the Advanced Gadget Deployment setting

Fixed – Sometimes Deployable Shield’s replication is not the same after doing specific actions

Level Design:


Fixed – Attackers can plant the Defuser on top of a shelf in 2F Armory Lockers


Fixed – Character model will become 2D if prone close to the 1F VIP Section stairs


Fixed – The Defuser can be disabled by destroying the floor underneath it if is planted in 2F Billiard Room


Fixed – Players becomes invisible under the stairs in 1F Lobby area



Fixed – Lion’s scan sound effect persists into the next round


Fixed – If Finka’s boost ends while a player is in Smoke’s Gas, the damage multiplier is not removed.

Fixed – When the Spear .308 magazine is empty, aiming down sights while reloading will shorten the animation slightly.


Fixed – The EDD will not give 40 damage if it is positioned on the lowest point possible on a door.


Fixed – Black Eyes are able to see through borders in 2F Stock Trading room on Bank


Fixed – Activating the Stim Pistol while holding a deployable shield switches weapon instantly.


Fixed – Ela will lose functionality if her gadget will be destroyed while trying to pick it up


Fixed – Shock wire remains active on a deployable shield after the shield was destroyed


Fixed – Operator is sometimes stuck when trying to pick up deployable gadgets

User Experience:

Fixed – Players with VS Notifications preference OFF still see the notification in-game

Fixed – Players are able to equip a standard and Elite BDU at the same time

Fixed – Slasher Headgear for Buck is missing the red eyes




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